2D and 3D design

Supported by tools such as autocad and solidwork, we start your project.


We create structures for the most diverse purposes, from the wine industry to automobile wiring. Employees with experience and insight in solving the most diverse market proposals. We combine know-how with quality and total customer satisfaction.


We mill any type of part and material according to the required precision;


Services performed with rigor, producing excellent quality finishes


Electrification of frames of the developed equipment; repair of electrical faults, automation of machines and industrial electrical assistance


Services performed with rigor, producing excellent quality finishes

Installation and training

Professional installation is the beginning of good production. All of our machines can be installed by professionals from our company. To get the most out of your equipment, ask for a quote or additional information about training programs for operators, maintenance and maintenance personnel, which can be customized to meet your needs.

Product support

Minimizing machine downtime is one of our biggest concerns. If you are 5 km or 5 thousand miles away, part of the equipment is prepared to solve problems at that distance. Our specialized technicians will often be able to solve the problem through a telephone or email contact.
In case of urgency our technicians guarantee repair as soon as possible. During the warranty period this service is free. Once the deadline has expired, there is an additional cost from which we will send a budget.

Reserved Area